GOOD.B Goggle Hat


Outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding require the use of a hat and goggle to protect one's eyes and head from the snow and wind. In its element, this system has been proven effective.

But, for casual outdoor winter activities such as shoveling snow, camping, hunting, going to the newsstand, walking the dog, or attending a football game in the freezing cold, protective ski goggles are not typically worn.

What shall the masses use for quick accessible protection in the harshest winter conditions?


The GOOD.B Goggle Hat, Patent Number: 7,690,052 B2: Saladino, Gregory J.

When it's cold or snowing one simply un-buttons the front two buttons and lowers the goggle band over his eyes. When it's not needed, one leaves it resting comfortably in its upward positions atop his forehead.

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GOOD.B Goggle Hat

Online Store

The official online store to purchase your GOOD.B Goggle Hat

The GOOD.B Goggle Hat only comes in black. The lense is yellow and is non-replaceable. One size fits all.

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Care Instructions

  • Hand wash the hat with cold water. Dry flat.
  • To clean lens, use a soft terry cloth, warm water, and dish soap. With the terry cloth, gently clean both sides of the lens. Then rinse the lens off.
  • To avoid having the lens dry with water spots, place a flat "lintless" napkin, lintless paper towel or a soft cloth gently over the inner surface and outer surface of lens. DO NOT rub; let the material absorb the water. Then gently remove the material.
  • The lens facing outward has an "anti-scratch" coating. The lens facing inward has an "anti-fog" coating. If the interior lens happens to fog up, DO NOT rub or clean with a napkin, paper towel, or lens wipe. It's best to take the hat off and shake in the air allowing fresh air to reach the lens. The "anti-fog" interior surface of the lens should never be rubbed or cleaned while it's wet or while moisture exists.
  • DO NOT use a lens cleaner or a lens spray on either side

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